• Matters need to pay attention for Medical

  • Remember to bring your ARC, Health card (Do not lend your ARC to others).

    Can eat breakfast.

    Avoid do bowel movement a night before, during medical you need to have stool sample.

    Has arrange transportation service back and forth.

  • Matters need to pay attention for Remittance of money

  • Can go to nearby convenience store or EEC branch store.

    Can do remittance using APP

    Avoid going to private Philippine store, which is easily be scammed.

  • What to do in case of lost or damage of ARC, Health card, Passport?

  • Application for replacement of ARC need to sign the Immigration lost statement form, payment is NT500 to the Immigration office (Broker will collect separate payment for their handling service).

    Application for replacement of Health card need to prepare original ARC, payment is NT200 at post office or Health card office (Broker will collect separate payment for handling service).

    Application for replacement of passport need to be reported to the immigration office, the relevant document will be sent sealed and payment will be NT2150 (Broker will collect separate payment for handling service).

  • Calculation of Tax?

  • The number of days resided in Taiwan is「less than」183 days, tax deduction will be 20% of the income.

    The number of days resided in Taiwan is 「more than」183 days (including 183 days), in a tax year (compared to nationals) the standard resident withholding tax rate is 6-10%.

    For those who have lived for more than 183 days in the previous year, and leave the country earlier, the withholding tax will be the same as previous year; for those who lived less than 183 days, the current year should be counted again.

  • Why the validity of my ARC is not the same with my contract?

  • The employer's work permit is valid only for less than 3 years or the passport is valid for shorter period of time than employment contract.

  • How to open an account in Taiwan?

  • Prepare your passport, original ARC, stamp, ask the employer to accompany you to bank (post office) to apply, fill up the Philippine address and Place of birth according to the labor contract, you will be ask to fill up the Philippine tax number and inform that no income in the Philippines, then fill up the ARC number.

  • No salary received on the pay day?

  • Please remind the employer, maybe they forgot or ask the translator to assist you.

  • Matter to pay attention for vacation

  • Do not hand over your ID’s to others, and let other use your passport, ARC to borrow money, it is easily to trick people and became a head to use your identity to borrow money outside, maybe need to go to court, and not worth to the loss.

    Do not easily trust others, know how to protect yourself.

    Do not easily eat or drink food given by others, to avoid being poisoned by others

    Follow the employer’s set time on going out and going back, in principle won’t affect the employer’s daily life.

    If need to ride public transportation, must pay attention to own traffic safety.

    During time of pandemic must wear face mask , wash your hands regularly and do your own sanitation and hygiene.

    Keep the social distancing, do not gather together.

  • If the 3 meals are not enough?

  • Please inform directly your employer, if in case of language barrier can ask the translator to assist.

  • Can I order online then send to my employer’s house?

  • Better No, if needed must have employer’s consent, because employer’s address cannot be transferred out (individual privacy).

  • Can invite relative or friend to come at employer’s house?

  • Cannot, Employer’s home is also the working place and a private place.

  • Can I take picture of my employer’s house and it surrounding or video call with my family to let them see?

  • Cannot, it is a violation of portrait and privacy rights.